Noca Labs builds innovative high-quality hardware

Noca Labs is a hardware development company that enables innovators to quickly bring rock-solid hardware products to market. Our quality-focused team can quickly turn ideas into fully functional prototypes, iterate existing designs for cost and manufacturability, and manage production of your product.

At the Cutting Edge of Material Handling

Noca Lab’s founder and principal engineer, Patrick Dingle, was the first Mechanical Engineer at Kiva Systems. At Kiva, he performed critical engineering and program management roles culminating in the rollout of over 100,000 mobile robots to Amazon.com distribution centers around the globe. Noca Labs has also worked extensively with two Boston-area Material Handling startups: 6 River Systems and RightHand Robotics. Noca became involved with both of these companies at their formation, and helped with product architecture, prototyping, sourcing, testing, and strategic product development.

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Pushing the Boundaries of IoT Devices

Noca Labs conceptualized, designed, and prototyped an innovative baby monitoring solution that detects a baby’s breathing using vision alone. Leveraging off-the-shelf sensors, a single board computer, and rapid prototyping, Noca was able to quickly bring the concept to reality and prove functionality via alpha testing. Noca has also assisted other stealth-mode clients in the development of multiple consumer-oriented home IoT devices.

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