About Us

Noca Labs is a small product development lab located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 2014, we provide comprehensive product engineering services to bring innovative hardware concepts to reality. Our team has extensive background in automation, industrial products, and consumer devices. Innovators rely on Noca Labs to fully own their hardware development, and partner with Noca to assist with specific subsystems or key components.

We believe in an integrated and concurrent approach to engineering starting with careful consideration of product architecture. Subsystems such as electronics, packaging, and actuation are considered and designed in parallel by a close-knit team of engineers, to avoid artificial design constraints and costly redesign cycles. Design for manufacturing and quality metrics are considered at every step of the design process. Rapid prototyping allows our team to quickly validate form, fit, and function, and our manufacturing experts can help you make all the key sourcing and tooling decisions needed scale the product to any quantity.

Our Management Team

Patrick Dingle

Founder and Chief Engineer
Patrick Dingle leads the Engineering team at Noca Labs and oversees project management operation. He is an experienced product design veteran, having played key roles as an engineer, program manager, and consultant at various Boston-area startups.

Patrick was the first Mechanical Engineer at Kiva Systems (acquired by Amazon.com in 2012) where he led mechanical design on multiple generations of warehouse mobile robots. As New Products Program Manager, he led efforts to reduce Bill of Materials costs by 50% and phase in a mass-production mobile robot that ultimately was deployed in Amazon.com warehouses at production volumes well in excess of 10,000 per year. At Noca Labs, Patrick has worked with 6 River Systems and RightHand Robotics at their formation to help their founders define their products, rapidly prototype and prove core technologies, and grow their engineering teams.