Noca Labs helps innovators innovate, build, and commercialize stunning and reliable hardware. Our team has all the expertise needed to quickly bring your product or idea to production, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, embedded software, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Product Lifecycle Development

We take clients from early ideation through product testing, prototyping, all the way to production.

1. Early Ideation & Product Definition

Noca Labs has a track record of getting involved at the earliest stages of product design. Starting with as little as an idea, we can help you conceptualize your product and identify all the required subsystems and key components. We’ll work with you to scope out everything that goes into your product and create a clear plan of everything it will take to get your product to production. We partner with a lot of startup founders in the research phase to accurately plan how much time and investment it will take to go from idea to prototype to production.

2. Conceptual Design & Rapid Prototyping

At Noca Labs, we understand that fully-functional, robust, and aesthetically pleasing prototypes are absolutely critical to attract investors and customers. Our tightly-knit team of engineers, makers, and manufacturing specialists can rapidly design and build prototypes. We have a mix of in-house manufacturing capabilities and a network of rapid-turn manufacturers, which allows us to minimize prototype lead times and remain laser-focused on optimizing quality—all while driving down cost.

3. Product Development

Quality is central to everything we do. If you move too quickly to mass productive without adequate performance testing, product failures can be costly. Performance, cost, manufacturability, and reliability are assessed at every stage of the design process. Brainstorming, analysis, design reviews, and prototyping allow us to iterate on the design and avoid dead-ends. In many cases, we utilize a Beta test program to ensure certain quality metrics are achieved prior to mass production.

4. Production

We ensure that your product is easy to manufacture, that every detail is well documented, and that all vendors have manufacturing processes in place to reliably make a high-quality product. We’ll work with you to define a sourcing solution that is robust and cost-effective, and we’ll evaluate progress and risks continuously to ensure that schedules don’t slip. At Noca Labs, we have the technical knowledge, expertise, and global connections needed to manufacture a high quality, seamless product.

Specific Capabilities & Services:

Technical Capabilities

  • Definition of Product Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering & Design
  • Electrical Engineering & Design
  • Firmware and Embedded Control Systems
  • Sensors and Actuation
  • Development Tools - PLM / PDM
  • DFMA
  • Industrial Design
  • NPI Project Management

Targeted Consulting Services

  • Product Definition & Architecture
  • Engineering Services
  • Design Reviews
  • Product Total Cost Analysis
  • Design Failure Modes & Effect Analysis (DFMEA)
  • Product Quality
  • Best Practices for Engineering Product Documentation
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Services

  • Design for Manufacturability & Assembly
  • Cost Reduction Analysis
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Global Sourcing Strategies
  • Supplier Selection & Validation
  • Supply Chain Risk Analysis
  • Tooling and Fixtures